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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

I know...I keep throwing this weird foreign word around and asking you to inquire about it and to experience it for yourself...and you're probably asking, what in the world is Reiki?

Reiki is Japanese meaning Universal Life Force Energy. It is the use of this Universal Life Force Energy to balance the energy centers (chakras/arit) of ourselves and others for holistic restoration and healing.

Reiki is an ancient healing method that is universally used and non-evasive. Many cultures have various forms of Reiki within their traditional medicine practices. It is centered in and practiced in the intent of Love & Light. Love being the highest vibration there is, it is done to heal and not to harm. However, it is always good to be sure the practitioner's vibration is a good match for you prior to confirming a session.

The concept of Reiki is the recognition that our dis-ease first starts in our mental, emotional, and energetic bodies before it manifests into the physical. As our life force energy flows from our root (base of spine) to our crown (top of head), any blocked or sluggish moving chakras along the way will impede on the flow of energy. Improper flow is how ailments and dis-ease begin developing and they can compound as each chakra lacks the energy flow needed to function properly. The use of Reiki allows me to approach the client holistically to get to the mental and emotional root cause and alleviate the issue rather than treat the surface symptoms. The restoration of holistic balance allows the client then to self heal as originally and divinely designed. The benefits of Reiki are relaxation, pain relief, mental clarity, emotional healing, overall sense of well-being, and it can expedite recovery from injuries and surgeries, however, everyone’s Reiki experience will be different.

I have been asked if Reiki is the channeling of other spirits. The answer is No. It only uses and manipulates the Life Force Energy that is already present in each of us to allow for its optimal flow. Reiki does not compromise any religion or spiritual path. As mentioned previously, it is a practice based on Love which is Universal in itself. It doesn't require you to do or say anything that would be considered detrimental, immoral, or against your will. Its only requirement is that you show up, be present, be honest, be ready to let go of what is not serving you, and be ready to receive Love and restoration.

Reiki has served as a vital tool in my life in the maintenance of my journey with anxiety and depression. I have stopped many anxiety attacks at their onset and have helped myself from turning the corner into further darkness with the personal use of Reiki. It and its principles have anchored me in some of my toughest times and life transitions. I will forever be grateful for this art and it does my heart great joy to be able to share it with others!

If you have further questions or want to dive deeper into the inner workings of Reiki please feel free to contact me or set up a Free 15 minute consultation!

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