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It’s Safer at Home they say. It's interesting that we had to be ordered to stay home for our safety during this pandemic. Home is where the heart is, literally and figuratively. My home is my sanctuary and safe haven. It serves as a place of peace, nourishment, and protection. Home is our centering, our grounding place, our in-dwelling, and heart space…Our hearts are the center and true core of our being. We often refer to our abs as our core but that is just our physical bodies…but when it comes to our “beingness” or spirit, our heart is the core and should be the center of attention.

When considering the 7 major chakras, the heart is in the center and connecting piece for the higher and lower ones. It’s a worthy focal point. When conversation seems to get off on a tangent or there seems to be confusion present, one tends to say “Lets get to the heart of the matter” to reel everyone back in and focus. The heart is the center and the foundation of who we are. Neglecting it and staying away from “Home” too long will cause us major imbalances. We have become uncomfortable with being “at home” in the physical and spiritual. We often seek out or allow distractions that pulls us into outside cares. We focus on achieving, obtaining, pleasuring, willing, being heard, and conspiring more than we do with centering and taking care of “home”.

For many, home has been the source or house of pain and instability as well as the origin of bad choices, weakness, and place of abuse. Many people would rather be anywhere than at home. They don’t want to see and feel the energy that is within it. It’s filled with intense feelings of cold, sadness, and a collection of hurtful memories and at times it could be too overwhelming to clean up, air it out, and let go of the old useless contents. However it’s a must if you want to live and feel safe within your own heart/home!

On the baseball field the Home plate is down center. You get to run around to the other bases once you hit the ball but you only get points for yourself and your team when you make it back to home. What if we kept that same sentiment when it came to our hearts? What if we gave ourselves points or treats every time we made an effort to come back home to our center which is our hearts? When we change of the feng shui and allow the energy to flow differently - point. When we allow ourselves to feel our emotions without distraction or self-medicating - treat. When we remove the items that are no longer of service and are just taking up unnecessary space such as guilt - point. When we allow ourselves to be still for a few minutes and become grounded - treat. When we forgive - point…and so on. Making your way back to the home plate daily is so beneficial. You and your team of loved ones would WIN!

It is indeed “Safer at Home” and the key for success in life is held. Take the time to re-center and embrace the core of your being.

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