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About Lucid

As we heal ourselves, we heal our communities.

~Shantá Bailey



Here we focus on your relationship with You!


Clarity on who you are, your purpose, and your path.


Expansion into all you were created to be and deserve to experience.


Community to support you so that you won't have to walk your path alone.


So many people are looking for solutions and tools to aid in their healing journey. They want to reconnect with themselves and break patterns that have been keeping them in the same loop of circumstances for decades. Many people feel out of balance or alignment with their truest selves and the world around them. Others are having transformative experiences and going through spiritual awakenings that they don't know how to navigate. With all of these dynamics going on in people's lives, it may be difficult to find a clear path...however, Lucid Solciety seeks to be that solution!

Lucid Solciety approaches healing for each individual holistically, treating the entire being in mind, body, and spirit using an array of ancient modalities of the healing arts. Because of each individual's uniqueness and my understanding of the personal journey, I offer services that are customized specifically for you every step of the way. There is no cookie-cutter process to healing, self mastery, or goal achievement. Your plan is divinely designed just as you are! Time and again I have seen the incredible healing power of my treatments. With heart-centered intentions around Energy Healing, Self Love, Self Mastery, and Spiritual Transformation,  Lucid Society is a welcoming home for your growth.


Lucid Solciety offers Self Mastery Coaching, Energy Healing, Spiritual Advisement, Reiki Practitioner Training, Online Courses, Self Love Advocacy, Healing Events & Retreats,  Books and Apparel.

I also love to collaborate with other practitioners, healers, ministers, therapists, and individuals to curate spiritual experiences and events. If you are interested, schedule a discovery call to discuss!

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