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Self Love + Holistic Health

Self Love & Holistic Health

Ever craved dessert but wasn't quite sure for what, and you had limited options available to you at the moment yet you went ahead and made a selection anyway? And Once you started eating it, you realized that it doesn't specifically satisfy your sweet tooth? As a matter of fact, you actually think it's nasty...but you keep eating it anyway because it's all that you had in the moment and it had to make do...?


Well how about this...Ever noticed how when you go food shopping while hungry and without a list, you'll tend to put any and everything in your buggy because in that moment all of the store items look appealing? (And if it's in your price range that makes it even better!!) But when you get to the counter to pay for your items you start to sober up a bit and realize that you actually didn't make very good choices but now you're too embarrassed to to put any of the items back.

The same thing happens when you pursue love and companionships with a lack Self Love....

When you don't have Self Love, it's similar to roaming in the dark looking for a light switch or a candle but tripping over your own feet in the process. You are looking for light or something to satisfy you outside of yourself. You haven't established or experienced within yourself what you truly desire so that you can recognize it when you see or feel it. It's imperative that we demonstrate Self Love to ourselves first, filling our own cups then allowing the external offerings to be the top off or icing on the cake...but never the actual cake.

Denying ourselves Self Love is usually due to conditioning or belief mindsets that we have agreed to over time that caring and prioritizing ourselves is Selfish and that being Selfish is wrong. This is untrue. Lack of Self Love over time impacts our Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Self-Preservation. These areas of Self-Identity being impacted in turn affects our energetic bodies in harmful ways. When our major energy centers are affected by our emotional, mental, and environmental states, the energy flow will stagnate and impede the flow of energy to the other centers thus potentially causes the development of physical ailments.

Once the physical ailments appear, you can go to doctor after doctor and they may never pinpoint the cause or cure for the ailment...this is because the origin is energetic, emotional, and mental rather than physical. You will be offered treatment for the symptoms but the issue won't ever get resolved until it's addressed at the root.

This is where Reiki and Holistic Health comes into play. Based on the conversation I have with my clients through intuitive coaching and energetic responses during the Reiki sessions, I can assist the energetic body back into a balanced state and provide guidance and tools to rebuild and maintain their well-being. Holistic Health consists of mind, body, and spirit and is addressed as a whole, not in isolation.

For more information on how a holistic health approach could benefit you, contact me or book a 15 minute consultation!

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