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Meet Shantá

Author, Holistic Self Mastery Coach, Energy Healing Master Teacher, End of Life Doula, Self Love Advocate and motivational speaker

Since a child, Shantá has had a compassionate heart and strong sense of leadership. She knew that she wanted to provide healing by the use of her hands and through the gift of her words and writing.


Shantá is a Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Ra Sekhi Kemetic Healer, Healing Touch Practitioner-Apprentice, Holistic Self Mastery Coach, End of Life Doula, Author, Ordained Minister, and Licensed Esthetician. Energy Work has been essential to Shantá's personal healing journey and intensified her empathic abilities to be in tune with her clients' energetic needs for effective healing and journey to Self Mastery.


In 2019, Shantá founded Lucid Solciety to establish a platform that provides safe space and guidance to those who are ready for clarity, expansion, and community.



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