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Gratitude in Action

An attitude of gratitude is what we are told to have in order to stay grounded, full of perspective, and to attract more good things in this life. I couldn't agree more with the thought process yet I believe that we should take it a step further and allow that attitude to become action. Yeah, I know that gratitude is classified as a noun and not a verb but hear me out. When you truly appreciate something or someone, you want it or them to be around for a long time. For things, people, situations, and opportunities to have a lasting effect or staying power, you have to take good care of it. This is where the action comes in. You show gratitude in action when you take good care of what has been given or even earned.

If it is a job, interview, gig, referral, networking opportunity, or the like, gratitude in action would look like you arriving on time (even 15 minutes early), dressed appropriately, prepared, alert, and mentally present. Saying how grateful you are for the chance but taking for granted the other parties' time, consideration, and what's required will not translate to gratitude.

If it is a relationship with family, friend, or significant other, gratitude in action may look like an effort towards effective communication (especially listening), empathy, learning, and then intentionally expressing their love language and apology language. Telling your loved ones about how grateful you are to have them in your life while you are not actively showing them through your intention and consideration of who they are will not communicate gratitude.

If it is material things, sentimental or not, gratitude in action will show in how you maintain it. Do you keep it clean, make repairs when needed, do you keep it safe and protected, do you handle it with care? Declaring your gratefulness for all that you have will not be evident if you toss your belongings about, neglect their condition, put them in places where they can easily be damaged or stolen.

Gratitude is very much a heart-felt reflection of appreciation and thankfulness. It also should be followed up as an action that gives fair reciprocity from the joy we have been given. Gratitude in action provides evidence of how we feel and serves as a reminder to us and those affected. How will you show your gratitude today?

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