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Acknowledging your place of Peace

I was moving about the house the other day when it suddenly hit me...I'm in the most Peaceful space I've been in a very long time! I smiled to myself and took a deep Breath of Gratitude. I continued to think to myself: Wow, I could have missed this moment being on autopilot while continuing to push projects and goals forward. I almost forgot that this moment of acknowledgement was my ultimate goal for the decision I made several months ago to relocate and reestablish. I realized right then the importance of slowing down to sit with and acknowledge this place of Peace to process and give it the attention that it deserves...just the same way I did when I was in a place of pain. Can't allow pain to be the only rhythm I'm in tune with...

For so long I've been in a place of grinding it out, jumping a hurdle or getting over some type of hump. I would so often say, "I can't wait for a long stretch of Peace and Good things in my life!" I would sit, strategize, and muddle over how I could Level Up, how I wanted my healing process to go, and how to achieve my end goals....but I never really gave thought to doing the same thing once I achieved this seemingly elusive desired state of Peace. I didn't plan out ways that I would express my Gratitude and Joy or how I planned to acknowledge it daily. I didn't strategize on how to maintain it. I didn't consider to put things in place to support me for when the rhythm shift comes again.

Everything goes in Rhythms and Cycles...nothing will stay the same always. It's not a bad thing, it's just Universal Law: Law of Rhythm. The measure of the pendulum swing to the left will always equal the measure of swing to right. There must be balance. We should be thankful of this, especially in bad times...and it should cause us to be more appreciative and present when times are good!

A beautiful healer I know named Brea Buffaloe often says, " Yesterday was preparation for Today"...That's your work, your purpose, your daily mission. Living today, achieving the best version of yourself is active effort in building a more Peaceful tomorrow. Challenges may come but preparation allows you to stand firm. The feelings and expressions of gratitude you have when things are good can be stored for you to reach into the storehouse for nourishment of your soul in those tough times. The offerings you gave to others in your time of plentifulness were seeds that will yield fruit if you experience a time of drought.

Trouble truly doesn't last always...and when Trouble decides to give it a rest, make sure you do too and acknowledge the company of Peace when it shows up for you.

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